Friday, September 27

Well well, does the excitement never end? Today I was told that I am going to live with the Paris director for a week while Ashley stays in a single in the dorm until we can find me a permanent place to stay. Still waiting to send out my permanent address to everyone, although I have received 2 letters since I've been here. Shame on those who have failed to write...

This weekend we are going to Monte Saint Michel. No one know what is in store for us there, but we do know there is a monastery... hmmm Plus there's tons of dancing to do tonight, so I'd best be going.

Tuesday, September 24

More funny Ashley roommate stories. She accidentally asked for a crepe with the slang term for "ass" insstead of "strawberries." The humor never ends.

Saturday we went out on the town ofr the first time. We met some Americans at a cafe who are from Washington D.C. and Seattle and they asked us to go out with them to some of their favorite bars. We went to this place called the LongHop which is an English/Irish bar, but they closed at 1:30 so we moved to a place called Le Violon Dengue, or "the Violin Den." It was so cool! It was a series of caves underground, which sounds bizarre but was totally neat. Let me just tell you that being a woman in France is like being a prize piece of top sirloin in a meat market... Gross... One guy told me he could guess where I was from from my accent, and he said he would bet money I was from London. I should have taken the bet. I guess I speak French with a british accent. Hmm. We got home at around 4:30 and Amy crashed on my floor after taking care of me. What a friend.

Yesterday after a ton of sightseeing (Moulin Rouge baby!), we were supposed to go our for Jenny's birthday (her 21st), and I coulnd't even make myself drink. I know, I know, you are asking what Europe has done to me. LOL. This weekend all teh maajor attractions in Paris were free, so we saw Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalids and Sacre Coeur. Pretty cool that I live here and can come back and see these things any day I want. Whoo-hoo!