Saturday, August 3

Sipping on a martini, thinking of the fun to come tomorrow at Jon's 21st birthday party. I hope to see all of you there. We celebrated last night all surprise-style with homecooked dinner and candles. Also lots of presents of drinking glass sets. It was a good time.

I entered the mysterious world of chat rooms today only to confirm what I had already suspected: the world is full of stupid people who are only concerned with sex and slang. I have been carefully evaluating everyone I see lately, and I have been feeling discouraged. Sure, it's to be expected in chat rooms I suppose, but also generally speaking, people are not worth the effort to me lately. I feel like an old soul trying to get my shit done despite all those who try and stop me. I have blatantly been ignoring my phone, hanging out with my stereo, and falling into deep meditation about all the good changes happening in me. I am enjoying myself and my company more than I ever have in my life, and realizing that the only person I can always depend on to be cool enough to chill with is myself. Everyone gets too caught up in petty things (or things of great importance to everyone but me.) I have had a relaxing good time the past few days.

I cancelled all of my bills (phone, cable, etc.) a couple days ago, and today in the mail I got a handwritten letter at my new address from the Avista Lady (Rhonda) wishing me the best of luck in France. "Don't waste this opportunity," she writes. "This is the experence of a lifetime." A fortune cookie from the cosmos, a five minute routine phone call sparked some greater connection to the human race, and to one anonymous individual. Heed her advice. Thanks Rhonda.