Wednesday, July 24

And another thing...

I have to plan one more day of kick ass art projects to teach my 6-8 year old class. Drawing and painting. Any ideas for a stellar last day?
Movin on up... to the East side

I have 2 more days to move. Wanna help?

Also, our not so friendly man called 2 more times today. He talked about how Christian symphonies were not better than Allah's symphonies. I think he is confused on the meaning of the word. I told him he had the wrong number and hung up to *69 him. My boss reported it rather reluctantly. I don't think she cares much about what happens after hours at the school. She's safe at home. No matta to her. Now I am safe at home and have the next 2 afternoons off to move. Hooray!

Monday, July 22

Jihad against the Art School. (and an advance apology that all the posts lately have been art school phone calls. I'll try and cut back.)

"Spokane Art Schoo--"

"You not judge me! Only Allah and Mohammed can judge! You judge and you put you above God! No one say who good or bad! You say I bad, that make you put you above God! You not above God! Before Jihad everyone know, you not know! You not put me below you! I not bad! You not judge me! You think know Islam! (insert random quote about Allah here)"

"Whoa-- I'm not judging you. I don't know what you're talking about."

"You say good and bad when only God can say good or bad! I should shoot you now so you be judged by God! Then you know who really judges! Only God can judge! Not you! If you die, you see only God can judge good or bad, not you!! You die to see my point! I should show you!! I show you!"

Whoa. Holy shit. Who is this crazy fucker and what does he want with me or the Art School?? How do I get him to calm down? I'm shaking I am so frightened.

"Ok.. Ok.. I'm not judging you. I don't---"

"You read Quran! You read all Quran, then you tell me Islam bad! Only God judge! Not you!! (Another passage, then some stuff I don't think is english)"

"Ok, Ok, Ok... calm down. (silence on the other line for the first time) I have read, and I agree that God is the only one who can judge. I would never judge you. (How the fuck do I keep this guy calm??) I do not judge anyone. I have never talked to you, and I have never judged you. I know that God is the only one who can judge. I am not against you or Islam."

A few moments of silence. I wonder briefly whether he has abandoned the phone to come and shoot me to "show me his point."

"You read Quran, then you tell me Muslim bad! You do not judge me!! No judge me!!!! Only God can judge!"


Ummm.. just enough time to call my boss and inquire about calling the police. I am alone in the building. She says to wait and she will deal with it in the morning. Ooh, big relief... I lock the doors and don't answer the phone. It rings every 5 minutes or so. I check the voicemail. 8 messages total in 1 hour.

#1: "My name is ---- and my address is ---- . You give me what you stole from me! You hate Muslim and I no want you to steal from me!! I give you 40 dollar and you keep. I give you check! Give me what you stole or God will judge you!!"

#2: "That man is stupid! He no understand I not do those things. He no understand Islam! I talk to him and he judge and say bad things! She say she no judge and no hate Muslim, but lie because he already judge!"

#3: "I swear on Mohammed, swear on Allah I no child molester. I have child and I marry 3 times and no one ever..! If you judge you judge by God! I no drink alcohol, I no smoke cigarettes, I never do these things!! Police, I no know if they Jewish or Christian, but they hate Muslims, and they discriminate!! They lie and say things untrue, but only God knows, and he will punish those who say anything untrue! I swear, if you tell anyone these things that are not true, just remember.... God will judge you!!!!"

etc. etc...

I made it out safe and sound, and I'll keep you posted. (BTW, we dont even have any class that's close to 40 dollars, and we only have one man who works for us, and he is on vacation. Nor would we ever casually refer to anyone as a child molester as part of normal art school business. This man obvioulsy has the wrong number.)