Friday, June 28

I spent the entire day at work folding flyers and then sticking address labels on them. Wow.. I think most of these weird names clearly tell just what kind of people I deal with. (Some are just funny)

Hue Phoria
Holly Golightly (she actually changed her name to this)
Turtle Lady (yep, this is for real-she changed it too)
Luther Martin
Drew Daly (ha ha... art school... drew... daily.. ha)
Les LePeres (hmmm this means literally "the the father". curious)
Perry Winkle (ok, at this point you think I am making things up, but I swear it's true!)
Sandy Tarbox

There were a lot of just plain odd ones (aka Michelangelo Molea), but I thought only the best of the bunch should be included. Oh, dear.

Thursday, June 27

Just checking things out.. I got really confused for a minute.
Whew-- after messing with the HTML a bit, I can finally be satisfied for now and get on with the rest of my day. That intro to Internet class was good for something after all! Thanks Prof. Roth...

Wednesday, June 26

I decided to start a new blog. Perhaps this new look will inspire me to post more often, and I hope to keep it up all year so that everyone can get quick and constant updates from France.